Top Five Signs to Hire a Child Custody Lawyer

Several things can trigger the need to hire a child custody lawyer. Every parent wants to keep custody of their child and none is ready to let go until the court says so. No one wishes to be separated from their spouse but circumstances may force a need for divorce, and with it comes the idea of a child custodian.

Child custody is usually given to the person who is considered responsible enough to take care of the child and meet all their demands.

In particular, if you notice any of the following signs, then you have to consider hiring a child custody attorney.

Why you may need the services of a child custody lawyer

  • Your kid is in great danger

You know your parent too well to understand the dangers that your child might face if you leave him with the other parent. For instance, your partner can physically harm your child or even neglect to meet their needs. Emotional torture can also have a great impact on the child’s wellbeing. Thus, you need to look for a family law lawyers adelaide who will help you in obtaining the restraining order immediately.

  • Where the other parent has a child custody attorney

Child custody is not a case that can be concluded in one sitting, there are several variables to be observed by the court before the final verdict is given. Hence, you will need a child custody attorney to take care of all your interests and ensure that you get your child’s custody in the long run.

  • When the parent moves to a different state

One of the grievous mistakes is when one parent decides to move out of the state with your child. You know that every state has its laws concerning child custody and this will force you to hire a child custody lawyer to file a restraining order of that parent immediately.

You will also get help from a child custody lawyer if you are required to visit your child in a different state from where you live without being penalised or restrained.

  • When the other person denies your custody or visitation

In some instances, you will find that one parent is denying another the right to see or stay with their child even without legal permission from the court. Thus, if you find out that the other parent is not cooperative, you will have to look for a child custody lawyer who can help you to gain access to your child at your convenience before the case is finalised.

  • Special circumstances

Lastly, if your case has any special circumstance like if your child is disabled in any way or needs special medical care, you will need to hire a child custody lawyer to ensure that all the special needs of the child are met and that the child is protected.

Why it is crucial to hire a child custody lawyer

As much as having a mutual agreement between the parents is crucial, it is important to seek the help of a child custody attorney because they will help to further cement the agreement and ensure that the demands of both parties are met. Remember that it is extremely difficult to file a complaint on a person if you have no evidence that shows your agreement. However, a lawyer will make sure that each parent provides a signature on the agreement and this can be used later on when one parent is not doing their duties as agreed.