Which Presidential candidates have good websites?

John McCain 2008 WebsiteWarning: These articles will make little sense unless you consider yourself “tech-savvy”.

SEOmoz has a review of Presidential candidate website “Search Engine Optimization” (the set of website traits that make a site more likely to rank high in Google and Yahoo searches – the sign of a well-designed site). Their conclusion: Barack Obama’s site is well-designed, John McCain fails almost every rule.

SoloSEO has a similar review. Their rank: The three leading Democrats beat the three leading Republicans in almost every website design and optimization category.

Are Republicans in need of some technology training? Will it have any actual effect on the election?

It seems that John McCain’s inability to get his website onto the first page of a Google Search for “John McCain” could be detrimental (especially if it remains true next year) when average General Election voters start wanting to compare candidates.

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