New poll indicates voters want a single national primary election day

Primary BallotYesterday the New York Times announced the results of a poll it conducted showing that 72% wanted a single day for a national presidential primary election.

The Time asked this same question previously in 2000 and 1996 with nearly identical results.

A few questions for those 72% of you favoring this system:

First, when should this national primary be held? February 5? Spring? Summer?

Second, wouldn’t it effectively eliminate the chance of any “outsider” candidate (ie. Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, Ronald Reagan) having a chance at a party’s nomination, since a candidate would have to be campaigning on a national front, without much ability to focus on the retail politics that currently dominate in places like Iowa and New Hampshire?

Third, what are the odds that a system like this would result in contested National Conventions? Would that be a good or bad thing?

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