John McCain Will Be The Republican Nominee

John McCain 2008 PrimaryJohn McCain tonight won the Florida Primary.

It is also being reported that with Rudy Giuliani’s disappointing third-place finish in Florida, that tomorrow he will likely drop out of the race and endorse Senator McCain.

McCain and Giuliani already lead in most February 5 Super Tuesday states.

With a Giuliani endorsement, John McCain will almost certainly win a majority of those big, delegate-rich states, propelling him to the Republican nomination.

Even if media reports are wrong about Giuliani’s announcement for tomorrow, McCain is clearly the GOP front-runner, with all the momentum, and the support of both establishment Party leaders and Independents.

We’re now facing a situation that pundits did not predict: the GOP may have its nominee locked-up before Feb. 5, with the Democrats fighting all the way to their Convention in Denver.

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