Global Robotics Innovation Park (GRIP) Featured in Robotics Tomorrow eMagazine

Robotics Tomorrow, a national online news site for the robotics industry, today published an interview about the Global Robotics Innovation Park (GRIP).

The interview is a great overview of the vision and plan for developing GRIP in the Upper Midwest.

Look into your crystal ball and give us your vision of what the activities at GRIP will look like in 5 to 10 years?

In my vision, GRIP looks and feels like a cross between a small college campus and a fast-growing high-tech start-up—a thriving, productive, creative community of individuals and teams working on important and exciting robotics projects. GRIP tenants will include established robotics companies of all sizes working on a wide variety of robotics innovations. Some of those companies may move their entire business operation into the park, others will be companies based in other parts of the world that will send a small team of people to GRIP. GRIP tenants will also include R&D groups from large corporations that are working to integrate robotics innovations into their business model. Tenants will also include a variety of entrepreneurs developing new products and launching new businesses in the robotics industry. Academic tenants will include university research institutions working on basic and applied research, often in collaboration with industry tenants. Community and technical college programs will likewise find a home within GRIP, where students can get hands-on experience working with cutting edge equipment on projects of immediate relevance to industry and government.

In my vision, GRIP has its own gravity. It is a destination for the innovative, hardworking individuals working at the intersection of hardware and software who will lead our nation into the so-called Robotics Revolution.

Featured image: “Army Robotics Rodeo” by David Axe is licensed CC BY-NC-ND 2.0. The image has been cropped and filtered.

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